Press Release: Accredify’s Tamper-Proof COVID-19 Test Results Accepted for Use in Singapore Airlines’ Digital Health Verification Process

Press Release: Accredify’s Tamper-Proof COVID-19 Test Results Accepted for Use in Singapore Airlines’ Digital Health Verification Process

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SINGAPORE, 18 January 2021 – Accredify, a Singaporean firm that creates and issues verifiable digital documents, today announced that its tamper-proof COVID-19 PCR swab results is now among those accepted by Singapore’s national carrier, Singapore Airlines (SIA), as part of its digital health verification process for travellers.

In December 2020, Singapore Airlines started trialling digital verification of COVID-19 test results and in future, vaccination information which will offer a more secure and convenient method for passengers to store and present information related to their COVID-19 health status.

Quah Zheng Wei, Co-founder and CEO, Accredify, said: “We’re dedicated to collaborating with partners in the healthcare and travel industry to develop a seamless, secure, and safe post-COVID travel experience for individuals. We’re proud to be working with Singapore Airlines to provide travellers with a paperless and hassle-free mode of verification of their COVID medical record.”

Before boarding a Singapore Airlines flight, travellers can display Accredify’s digital COVID swab result’s unique QR code and present it to the carrier’s check-in staff. Although most clinics issue soft-copy COVID swab results, traditional digital documents are easily forged, posing health and safety risks to countries and airline passengers if an individual falsified their COVID health status for cross-border travel. Passengers who do not have a digital swab result must present a hard-copy COVID swab result to SIA’s check-in staff who will manually verify the document.

In contrast, SIA’s check-in staff can simply scan to verify an Accredify-issued COVID swab result’s QR code using a mobile scanner application. If a swab result has been modified or tampered with, check-in staff will be alerted to the amendment immediately. By removing the need for manual verification with verifiable medical documents, airline check-in procedures will be more efficient for travellers.

Travellers can obtain an Accredify-issued tamper-proof swab result by visiting any of Accredify’s healthcare partners. Currently, the firm is working with more than 80 clinics and hospitals in Singapore and Hong Kong to issue verifiable COVID swab results. Discussions are underway to partner with more healthcare providers in the region.

In addition to issuing verifiable COVID swab results, Accredify is currently developing a template for tamper-proof COVID-19 vaccination records.

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