Press Release: Accredify launches revamp of first Blockchain-Driven Digital Education Passport app in Singapore

Press Release: Accredify launches revamp of first Blockchain-Driven Digital Education Passport app in Singapore

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  • The latest update to Accredify’s Digital Education Passport will make it a universal verifiable identity wallet, allowing users to store any verifiable education credential in the app
  • A new Insights feature inside the DEP acts as an AI-driven smart careers skills advisor, recommending relevant courses to users who want to upskill themselves
  • Leveraging on blockchain technology, all documents within the app are instantly verifiable, paving the way forward to Web3 by allowing individuals to share trusted information with third parties

SINGAPORE, 7 Nov 2022 – Accredify, Asia Pacific’s leading verification solutions provider, today announced the launch of the latest version of its web application, the Digital Education Passport (DEP), Singapore’s first blockchain-driven universal verifiable identity wallet. With this update, Accredify’s DEP enables users to upload any verifiable education credential issued by any institution around the world into a digital web application for consolidated secure storage and sharing. In addition, the DEP is built with an Insights feature, which acts as a smart career skills advisor, identifying the user’s skill gaps based on their desired career role and providing course recommendations to help the user address these gaps.

Verifiable education credentials are blockchain-based digital documents that are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable. Some other examples of verifiable, blockchain-based documents include, but are not limited to professional licenses and health records.

Previously, learners did not have a dedicated method to easily store and retrieve their verifiable education transcripts. Learners had to rely on either less secure email servers to archive their verifiable documents, or less accessible local storage solutions such as computer desktop folders. The lack of a dedicated method to manage verifiable documents means that learners will face challenges in storing and accessing verifiable documents in a convenient and secure location for authentication by third parties.

With the DEP, learners can now easily store and access all their digital verifiable education credentials regardless of which institution issued them on one online platform for free. If the learner receives a verifiable education credential issued by Accredify, the document will be instantly uploaded onto the individual’s DEP account. With Accredify, institutions can also issue digital badges along with their certificates, which will also be stored on the individual’s DEP account. If the learner receives a verifiable document that was not issued by Accredify, but is in a standard that can be read and verified by the DEP, they can manually upload and store that document onto the DEP. The DEP will automatically verify the document during the uploading process to ensure that all information stored on a learner’s DEP account is authentic.

Learners can share their verifiable education credentials, or their digital badges, with their network easily with the DEP as the app supports direct sharing of documents via email, social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. When learners share a verifiable education credential on LinkedIn, they will be able to seamlessly add the credential to their LinkedIn profile’s Licenses & Certifications. Designed to prioritise a learner’s privacy and security when accessing and sharing personal data, the DEP also provides learners with the option to hide personal information such as their NRIC and Home Address when sharing verifiable education credentials with third parties.

Lastly, learners can utilise the DEP’s Insights feature to prepare themselves for any career role. Learners simply need to complete a simple questionnaire, which includes indicating their target career role, on the DEP. The app will identify the user’s skill gaps by matching the skills required for the target role against what the user currently possesses based on their past and current roles. To help users address these skill gaps, the DEP will provide course recommendations offered by Accredify’s educational institution partners that can equip the user with the skills necessary for their desired role. These recommendations are currently tailored for Singapore as it is based on the SkillsFuture Singapore’s (SSG) SkillsFuture Framework. There are plans to integrate frameworks from other countries to better serve Accredify’s users beyond Singapore.

Quah Zheng Wei, CEO and Co-founder, Accredify, said: “With the world beginning its transition to Web3, and education services increasingly shifting towards digital formats, we knew that meaningful digital learner experiences are the next priority for the education sector. By enabling learners to easily store, access, and share their verifiable education credentials, and by empowering them with the clarity to pursue their desired career role in a structured manner, we hope to enhance the digital learner experience for learners and make the shift towards Web3-driven education services easier and more purposeful for everyone.”

Accredify has plans to integrate the DEP with national digital identity platforms across various countries so individuals can conveniently and securely access their DEP accounts.  The DEP is currently integrated with Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identity platform, to allow Singpass users to log in to their DEP accounts securely and access their verifiable education credentials easily.

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