Press Release: Accredify Launches First COVID-19 Employee Health Screening and Management System To Help Singapore Firms Reopen

Press Release: Accredify Launches First COVID-19 Employee Health Screening and Management System To Help Singapore Firms Reopen

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  • Accredify START helps organisations digitalise their COVID-19 screening processes by providing a comprehensive solution to procure on-site COVID-19 test machines and an online database to manage and verify employees’ COVID-19 test results.
  • START provides organisations with easy access to self-test COVID-19 kits, 60s COVID-19 breathalyser tests, and RT-PCR tests for employee testing
  • Accredify START also provides a central web application that allows managers to track, filter, and export employee test results
  • Accredify designed START to support mass COVID-19 testing, verification, and management of COVID-19 health declarations for firms to reopen as businesses struggle to bring their workforce back to the office and physical events attempt to resume

SINGAPORE, 28 July 2021 – Accredify, Singapore’s leading provider of verifiable digital documents, today announced the launch of Accredify START – an end-to-end COVID-19 testing and health verification management system for Singapore firms to reopen safely during the pandemic. 

This initiative follows corporations’ struggle to procure an efficient and affordable method for COVID-19 testing to reopen offices, food and beverage establishments to resume normal operation, as well as the MICE industry’s attempts to resume physical events amidst the pandemic. 

Currently, COVID-19 health declaration and screenings are time-consuming and inaccurate, involving the manual documentation of an individual’s COVID-19 health status via hardcopy health declaration forms and temperature monitoring. 

Coupled with the recent government announcement calling for businesses to incorporate COVID-19 self-tests into their work processes, Accredify START helps firms procure on-site COVID-19 testing systems to screen employees as well as a secure online database to manage their employees’ COVID-19 test results. 

“Reviving international travel during the pandemic has taken centre stage for the past year, but the challenges experienced with managing domestic movement has remained largely unaddressed,” Quah Zheng Wei, Co-founder and CEO, Accredify, said: “With Accredify’s extensive ecosystem of partners comprising of authorised COVID-19 test kit distribution partners and laboratories, START hopes to provide employees and organisations with the reassurance they need when they return to the office or attend high foot-fall events.”

Easy access to COVID-19 self-test kits, rapid breath tests

Leveraging Accredify’s partnerships with COVID-19 test providers and its network of laboratories, START provides organisations with easy accessibility to employee COVID-19 testing services which do not require extensive employer supervision.

Some of Accredify’s partnerships include its collaboration with Beep who will provide organisations with existing vending machines to easily upgrade them to dispense COVID-19 kits, and Accredify’s partnership with Breathonix which enables firms to install an on-site breathalyser COVID-19 test machines that can deliver verifiable test results within 60 seconds for efficient employee health screening. Firms will also have access to RT-PCR tests through Accredify’s network of 900 clinics and laboratories. 

Accredify will be continuously expanding its network of healthcare providers and kit manufacturers to provide firms with more options to test kits and devices.

App For Corporations to Manage and Verify Employee Test Results

Apart from access to efficient and affordable screening measures, START also provides firms with a web application for employees to submit test results and for management to monitor health records through the Employee and Corporate START Portals respectively. 

Integrated with SingPass to provide a secure login, Accredify’s Employee START Portal provides a step-by-step pictorial guide for employees to self-administer COVID-19 tests (see Annex A). The Employee Portal acts as a digital repository for employees to store and access verifiable test results on their mobile devices, as well as an app to submit test results easily to their employers Corporate START Portal.

To check an employee’s COVID-19 health record, managers can instantly verify it via a QR code scan on-site. Alternatively, to verify an employee’s health status ahead of time, managers can utilise an online verifier in the business’ Corporate START Portal. In addition, the Corporate Portal allows managers to track and export employee test results as well as filter health records by day, event, and test status, enabling organisations to prepare return-to-office schedules while safely managing workforce health.

All COVID-19 test results issued by Accredify will adhere to Singapore’s HealthCerts schema, a template for digital COVID-19 test results which Accredify helped to co-develop and has since been mandated by the Singapore government, ensuring that employee health records adhere to government standards. 

To date, Accredify has issued more than 600,000 COVID-19 certificates which have been verified close to 7 million times. 

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