Accredify Only Digital Trust Start-up to be Awarded President’s Certificate of Commendation for Contributions in the Fight Against COVID-19

Accredify Only Digital Trust Start-up to be Awarded President’s Certificate of Commendation for Contributions in the Fight Against COVID-19

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03 January 2022 – Accredify, Asia Pacific’s leading verification solutions provider, today announced that it is the only Web3 tech start-up, that has been awarded the President’s Certificate of Commendation for outstanding contributions in the fight against COVID-19. ­­­­­­­­­­

Accredify’s first deployment of blockchain technology in the fight against COVID-19 was to aid the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in June 2020 to issue foreign worker discharge memos, facilitating their return to work during the ongoing dormitory outbreaks. Accredify’s discharge memos aided 467, 000 foreign workers to safely return to work during the pandemic.

Following the successful project with MOH and MOM, Accredify played a further pivotal role during the pandemic by co-creating Singapore’s standard for verifiable pre-departure COVID-19 swab results, called HealthCerts, alongside the Ministry of Health and GovTech. The project was developed to combat the surge in fraudulent COVID-19 test results around the world within the travel industry; HealthCerts allowed both immigration authorities and airlines to instantly verify a traveler’s COVID-19 status with a QR code scan, facilitating a seamless verification process and travel experience for passengers. These documents enhanced the existing trust of Singapore’s healthcare system by overseas governments and allowed many travellers to be processed efficiently, particularly at the causeway with Johor Bahru.

Healthcerts became nationally mandated in March 2021, and eventually internationally recognised by 4 continents, with Singapore becoming the first country in the world to launch such a system. To date, Accredify has issued more than 2 million blockchain-based verifiable COVID-19 medical records which were verified more than 5.6 million times.

“On behalf of the team at Accredify, we would like to thank the Prime Minister’s Office for honoring us with such a distinguished accolade,” said Quah Zheng Wei, CEO and Co-founder, Accredify, “Technology should always be created with the purpose of improving, and possibly saving, lives. We’re grateful that we could play a part to serve our country alongside the many other public and private organisations that aided in upkeeping the physical safety of Singapore and its citizens. We will continue to create new ways to better the lives of every individual with Web3-based verification technology.”

Accredify is currently in the midst of developing more verification technology applications in the healthcare and corporate space, whilst focusing on its expansion into Australia’s education industry.

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About Accredify

Accredify is pioneering the world’s transition to verifiable data. Headquartered in Singapore, Accredify is Asia Pacific’s award-winning leading service provider for the issuance of verifiable documents and has processed over 12 million verifications on 2 million issued documents, known as “Accredified documents”, to date. By enabling automation and secure information exchange, Accredify has empowered nearly 600 users in nine markets to simplify complex processes and discover new frontiers of efficiency. With a dedicated team that embraces the highest standards of customer service, security, and privacy, Accredify’s mission is to be the foremost verification solutions provider for moments when trust matters most.

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