Accredify awarded as one of the Top Startups at G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022

Accredify awarded as one of the Top Startups at G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022

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This article has been reposted from Qualgro Partners website, one of Accredify’s investors.

Singapore, 9 September 2022Accredify, a Singapore-based verification solutions provider that enables organisations to create, issue and verify tamper-proof verifiable digital documents and data, has been recognised as one of the Top Startups at the inaugural G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN) 2022, launched as part of the G20 Digital Ministers’ Meeting in Bali.  

The main theme for the forum was “The Rise of Digital Economy: Post Pandemic Recovery and Beyond.” Global startups, venture capital firms, and governments gathered at the summit to build partnerships, find solutions for global crises, and to develop a G20 database of digital entrepreneurs.

Accredify was one of the four startups handpicked to join the Singapore delegation.

As part of the forum, 52 global startups showcased their innovative solutions at a pitching competition across five different categories: healthcare, green and renewable energy, financial inclusivity, education tech and supply chain.

Accredify showcased its verification technology, known as TrustTech, for education credentials using a Web3 tech stack, and was chosen as one of the Top Two Startups amongst a list of 10 in education tech. Other contenders included were from Cambodia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.

Accredify’s Digital Education Passport (DEP), a digital web app, enables students to consolidate all verifiable education credentials they have received for secure storage and sharing.  Students can share their credentials with authorized parties through various channels via email, social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Authorized third parties such as employers can immediately verify a credential that has been shared by scanning the QR code that accompanies the document. The combination of verifiable education credentials and the DEP hence streamlines the verification process, allowing for improved student mobility, and enhanced trust during interactions such as job applications, between students, institutes, and employers.

The firm’s portfolio of clients include some of the top institutes in Asia like the National University of Singapore. Due to the nature of Accredify’s verification technology being industry-agnostic, Accredify’s verification technology is also used being utilized by more than 600 enterprises in 9 markets in other sectors such as Healthcare, Public Sector and Human Resources.

“Accredify’s goal has always been to assist education institutions and learners in their education journey, and it’s heartwarming to see that industry leaders have recognized the profound benefits our solution has on the education sector,” said Quah Zheng Wei, CEO and Co-founder, Accredify, “We’re immensely thankful for being nominated to represent Singapore at the inaugural G20 Digital Innovation Network, and we’ll continue to develop new product features to provide meaningful digital learner experiences as part of our goal to pioneer the global shift towards Web3-driven education services.”

“We are heartened to witness Accredify’s recognition on a global stage. From Day One, Accredify has been building digital trust with their cutting-edge technologies. We are confident that Accredify will continue to achieve more applications of verifiable data across governmental, organizational, and individual levels,” says Weisheng Neo, Partner at Qualgro.


About Accredify

Accredify is pioneering the world’s transition to verifiable data. Headquartered in Singapore and founded in 2019, Accredify is Asia Pacific’s leading service provider for the issuance of verifiable documents and has processed over 12 million verifications on 2 million issued documents, known as “Accredified documents”, to date. By enabling automation and secure information exchange, Accredify has empowered nearly 600 users in nine markets to simplify complex processes and discover new frontiers of efficiency. With a dedicated team that embraces the highest standards of customer service, security, and privacy, Accredify’s mission is to be the foremost verification solutions provider for moments when trust matters most.

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